A Novel Approach to Breathing

A Novel Approach to Breathing
Peter R. Dufour MA, CHT, Ph.D.

The Dufour Method requires an unusual start by breathing “out” instead of breathing “in.” The idea is simple. The lungs and diaphragm are already full of air, therefore the breathing will be shallow. A good analogy would be if you had a full tank of gas, and went to the gas station and asked to fill the tank, you ‘d be told to empty the tank first.

It’s also important to practice “calm and slow” breathing, in order to engage diaphragmatic breathing.

Calm breathing is a tool that you can use whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious. However, it requires practice ahead of time.


Calm breathing involves taking, slow and regular breaths.
Sitting upright is better than lying down or slouching, because
it will increase the capacity of your lungs to fill with air.

Important Reminder
The Dufour Method requires an unusual start by breathing “out,”
the first time through the mouth, instead of “in”. ( about 4 seconds ).

1. Start by breathing out through the mouth in order to empty the
air from the lungs and diaphragm. ( 4 seconds ).

2. Breathe in thru the nose and hold for ( about 2 seconds ).

3. Exhale slowly through the mouth ( for about 4 seconds ).

4. Wait a few seconds before taking another breath.

Note: Practice 6-8 breathing cycles , but find your own rhythm.

Rules of Practice
Do calm breathing several times for at least five minutes every day, while relatively calm.
Master this skill before you need it!