Relieving Stress during the Holidays and Beyond

Five Ways to Fight Stress and Regain Control

A few minutes a day practicing the following suggestions and techniques will improve the quality of living in the present.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Take a break, and focus on your breathing by slowly, and deeply breathing through your nose. Then reverse the process as you exhale slowly through your mouth.
Often people who are stressing, forget to breathe, or breathe only in their chest. So, include the abdominal muscles.

  1. Smile and laugh.

You’ll feel more relaxed, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your smiling counters the effects of stress, and helps to lower blood pressure and more. . .

An interesting test in changing your mood is to turn down the corners of your lips, and notice how you feel? . . . .
Then turn up the corners of your lips, and notice how you feel? . . . .
By simply changing your lips you change your mood. When you change your physiology you change your attitude.

  1. Be in the present

Slow down and focus on the “now.” You can always have the To Do List as a reminder; however keep the focus on the  current task or event.
It’s important to remember that the past consist of thoughts, the future consists of thoughts, however, the present is reserved for living a healthier and happier life.

  1. Affirmations really work.

When done properly with positive intent and emotion the following will help reduce stress, anxiety, and help erase negative imprints from the past.

There is no person, thought, idea, memory, or feeling coming   out of the past, in the present, or ever in the future that will stop me from being. . . . . . .”

You add your individual outcomes, like happy, successful, etc.

  1. Be Grateful & Celebrate

In the busyness of life, one needs to reflect on that very special territory that you call “yourself,”  and to celebrate your life, that is often hidden by the noise of life. Hidden by so many distractions.

Through meditation, prayer, or simply going deeply within, you’ll find a new you, the original you that can be a true celebration of life, reminding you to celebrate  the wonderful life experiences, the family, loved ones, friends who entered, and will be in your life.


 The Secret of Letting Go  (Copyright)

 The list of ways to eliminate stress in our lives may require long term or short term solutions. I am about to suggest a technique that eliminates stress quickly with no effort. I call it: ” The Secret of Letting Go.”

The following simple exercise will help you to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings in less then one minute!


If you are experiencing a negative thought or feeling, immediately recognize it, and state the feeling, for example:

“I’m feeling anxious”           then ask:

“CAN I let go of the feeling?   (verbally respond): “YES!”

“WILL I let go of the feeling?  (verbally respond):  “YES!”

“WHEN will I let go of the feeling? (verbally respond): ‘NOW!”

Immediately ask: “NOW how do I feel?      You may simply feel nothing, neutral, or may even not recall the negative thought or feeling.

If you fully want to understand the significance and successful use of this exercise, please feel free to call me for details. 541 619 4469.