Goal Setting: The Rule of 3

From the book: The Experiment
Authored by Peter R. Dufour

Each Goal needs to follow the Rule of 3:

Rule 1:         Positive. Make sure that you actually ask for what you do want rather than what you don’t want.

Rule 2:         Present Tense. Make sure it’s stated as if it were true right now so that you can imagine it’s true and get all the wonderful feelings that you would experience if it were true right now. This is because your feelings are the magnetic force that draws the goal to you . This is called the Law of Attraction.

Rule 3:         Personal. Make sure that it’s a goal for you, not for someone else, because you’re not qualified to decide what’s right for someone else. You’re only qualified to decide what’s right for you. And the way that you know if its right for you is if it feels good.

A brief example of the Rule of 3 is that instead of writing, ” I don’t want to be fat anymore.” You might instead write:

” I am happy and slim at my ideal weight of _____lbs.” Or even better, ” I love being slim weighing ____lbs.”

Notice how the goal is stated in positive terms, notice how it is stated in the present tense, and notice that it’s a goal that you know you feel good about because it’s a personal goal, and you’re the only one who’s in touch with your feelings.

In my book, The Experiment, the Rule of 3 is applied in the areas of health, wealth, and happiness. The book is designed to teach you how to create your life, the way you want it.

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