The Secret to Success

By Peter R. Dufour, MA, CHT, Ph.D.
From the book: The Experiment
Authored by Peter R. Dufour

In order to be successful in life pursuits; e.g. health, wealth, and happiness; an important starting point is to be clear on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

To be precise:

” When you are CLEAR on what you want, the HOW will show up.”

Focusing on what you do want is a function of the thinking part of the mind, i.e. the conscious part of the mind.

Once you are clear on what you do want, the conscious mind automatically turns the wish over to the unconscious part of the mind which then will automatically provide the specific steps on how to implement the desired goal. . . no conscious effort is required. In fact, any conscious effort to figure out how to achieve your desired goal will interfere with achieving your goal.

In a nutshell:
“Decide what you do want, and forget about it.”

Sound confusing? Let me explain!

 The deeper part of your mind, i.e. the unconscious mind is the part of the mind that knows how many times to beat your heart every minute, how much you need to breathe, how to drive a car. It knows how to digest food, and it regularly does all of the above and more without your having to think about it. Your unconscious mind is also the part of the mind that knows how all of your desires fit together, the most important being health, wealth, and happiness. Everything you could possible want in life falls into one of the three categories mentioned above.


The above illustration captures the essence of the how our mind works, i.e. what I call “The Dual Mind.”

Whatever you are thinking or saying is like using the keyboard of a personal computer that focuses on what you want to know, then you forget how you will obtain the information, and the computer will automatically show the answer on the screen. The main point is no effort is required to retrieve the answer.

It just happens!
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Peter R. Dufour MA, CHT, Ph.D.